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Road Bikes

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2019 Cube Aerium C:68 Frameset Low - Carbon/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/c68loframeset.jpg

When you're on top of your game and have chosen the best components to keep you ahead of the pack, you need a triathlon frame that will get you even closer to the podium.

2019 Cube Agree C:62 Race Disc Mens Road Bike - Red/Orange http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-agree-c62-race-disc-mens-road-bike-red-orange-2019-278250-race.jpg

Power is nothing without control.

2019 Cube Nuroad Race Mens Road Bike - Blue/Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-nuroad-race-mens-road-bike-blue-black-2019-280200-commuter.jpg

The go-anywhere bike that will have you taking the long way home just for fun, even if it means leaving the smoothness of tarmac behind.

2019 Cube Axial Ws GTC SL Disc Womens Road Bike - Hazy Purple/Berry http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-ws-gtc-sl-disc-womens-road-bike-hazy-purple-2019-229500-berry.jpg

Optimise your performance on the road with this sleek, smooth and superb endurance machine.

2019 Cube Axial Ws Race Disc Womens Road Bike - Black/Dark Mint http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-ws-race-disc-womens-road-bike-black-dark-mint-2019-229300-blue.jpg

Experience a more enjoyable and efficient way to reach your training, racing and even fitness goals.

2019 Cube Agree C:62 SLT Disc Mens Road Bike - Carbon Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-agree-c62-slt-disc-mens-road-bike-carbon-black-2019-278400-cycle.jpg

Earning your podium place and personal best needn't be gruelling thanks to the adrenaline-pumping performance, agile speed and comfort of the Agree C:62 SLT.

2019 Cube Agree C:62 Race Disc Mens Road Bike - Carbon/White http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-agree-c62-race-disc-mens-road-bike-carbon-white-2019-278200-cycle.jpg

Power is nothing without control.

2019 Cube Attain GTC SL Disc Mens Road Bike - Carbon/Grey http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-gtc-sl-disc-mens-road-bike-carbon-grey-2019-277300-endurance.jpg

The Cube Attain GTC SL Disc lets you head for the podium with style, precision and performance.

2019 Cube Litening C:62 Race Disc Mens Road Bike - Teamline http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-litening-c62-race-disc-mens-road-bike-2019-279200-teamline.jpg

Stay in control and enjoy the ride with confidence thanks to the striking collaboration between a performance race bike and powerful disc brakes.

2019 Cube Attain Race Disc Mens Road Bike - Black/Flash Yellow http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-race-disc-mens-road-bike-black-2019-276300-flash-yellow.jpg

Attain speed and comfort without compromise.

2019 Cube Litening C:68 SL Mens Road Bike - Carbon/Flash Yellow http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-litening-c68-sl-mens-road-bike-carbon-2019-279300-flash-yellow.jpg

Riding shouldn't mean compromising on performance or comfort so enjoy both with the Cube Litening C:68 SL.

2019 Cube Nuroad Ws Womens Road Bike - Black/Coral http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-nuroad-ws-womens-road-bike-black-2019-229700-coral.jpg

We are all built to adapt to changing environments but not all road bikes are which is where the Nuroad comes in.

2019 Cube Axial Ws Womens Road Bike - Iridium/Aqua http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-ws-womens-road-bike-iridium-2019-229100-aqua.jpg

Take your road riding adventures further with the comfort and versatility of the Cube Axial Ws.

2019 Cube Litening C:62 Pro Mens Road Bike - Blackline http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-litening-c62-pro-mens-road-bike-2019-279100-blackline.jpg

Race at Litening speed.

2019 Cube Attain Pro Disc Mens Road Bike - White/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-pro-disc-mens-road-bike-2019-276200-white-red.jpg

Even the novice road rider will appreciate the performance, comfort, affordability and versatility of the Attain Pro Disc.

2019 Cube Aerium C:68 SLT Low Triathlon Bike - Carbon/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-aerium-c68-slt-low-triathlon-bike-2019-186300-carbon-red.png

When you always give 100% during training, you need a bike that can keep up with you, like the Aerium C:68 SLT.

2018 Cube Axial WS Road Bike - Aqua/Blue http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-2018-ws-road-bike-aqua-blue-129100-001.png

Whether you're competing against yourself or others, the versatile Axial delivers the performance you need to win.

2018 Cube Attain Road Bike - Black/Flash Green http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-2018-road-bike-black-flash-green-176100-001.png

You want a bike that not only takes you where you need to go but does it with style, comfort, agility and performance.

2019 Cube Attain SL Disc Mens Road Bike - Grey/Orange http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-sl-disc-mens-road-bike-grey-orange-2019-276410-cycling.jpg

A sleek, sophisticated blend of comfort and pace to keep you ahead of the pack.

2019 Cube Agree C:62 Pro Mens Road Bike - Carbon/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-agree-c62-pro-mens-road-bike-carbon-red-2019-278100-ride.jpg

Setting a new benchmark in the endurance race bike category.

2019 Cube Axial Ws Pro Disc Womens Road Bike - White/Berry http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-ws-pro-disc-womens-road-bike-white-berry-2019-229200-ride.jpg

The Axial Pro Disc lets you race or enjoy long rides with comfort and performance.

2019 Cube SL Road Pro Step-Through Road Bike - Iridium/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-sl-road-pro-step-through-road-bike-iridium-red-2019-251200t-trapeze.jpg

The great affordability of this performance hybrid means you won't have to sacrifice that extra slice of cake you've worked for.

2019 Cube Nuroad Pro Mens Road Bike - Black/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-nuroad-pro-mens-road-bike-black-red-2019-280100-commuter.jpg

The confidence to explore the road less travelled, whether it means hitting the dirt or rougher ground.

2019 Cube Aerium C:68 SL Low Triathlon Road Bike - Carbon http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-aerium-c68-sl-low-triathlon-road-bike-2019-186200-carbon-white.png

If you're ready for a new challenge, to test your own limits and leave the competition behind, the Aerium C:68 SL is the perfect bike for you.

2018 Cube Axial WS Pro Disc Womens Road Bike - White/Berry http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-2018-ws-pro-disc-womens-road-bike-white-berry-129200-001.png

Whether you're planning a long ride or high performance race, the Axial Pro is designed to take you there with comfort and power.

2019 Cube Aerium Race Road Bike - Carbon/Blue http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-aerium-race-road-bike-2019-186100-286100-carbon-blue.png

Whether you're a podium-chasing triathlete or time trialist, the Aerium Race is a high performance machine designed for you.

2019 Cube Aerium C:68 SL High Triathlon Road Bike - Carbon/White http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-aerium-c68-sl-high-triathlon-road-bike-2019-carbon-white.jpg

Test your limits and leave the competition behind with this wind-cheating aero machine built to win.

2019 Cube Nuroad Pro FE Mens Road Bike - Grey/Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-nuroad-pro-fe-mens-road-bike-grey-black-2019-280110-commuter.jpg

Combining the performance, comfort and versatility of the Nuroad Pro accessorised to take you even further on your rides.

2019 Cube Agree C:62 SL Mens Road Bike - Grey/Flash Yellow http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-agree-c62-sl-mens-road-bike-grey-flash-yellow-2019-278300-cycle.jpg

The Agree C:62 SL's super light race chassis doesn't just look fast, it is fast and doesn't sacrifice comfort or performance either.

2019 Cube Attain GTC Pro Mens Road Bike - Iridium/Flash Yellow http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-gtc-pro-mens-road-bike-iridium-flash-yellow-2019-277100-cycling.jpg

A great value endurance machine delivering speed, efficiency, light weight and comfort all in one.

2019 Cube Attain Race Mens Road Bike - Black/White http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-race-mens-road-bike-black-2019-276250-white.jpg

The Cube Attain Race will feed your addiction to speed in ways you never imagined.

2019 Cube Axial Ws GTC Pro Womens Road Bike - Iridium/Aubergine http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-ws-gtc-pro-womens-road-bike-iridium-2019-229400-aubergine.jpg

If you're looking to take your road riding to the next level, the Axial GTC Pro race machine will give you all you need.

2019 Cube Nuroad Race FE Mens Road Bike- Black/Grey http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-nuroad-race-fe-mens-road-bike-black-2019-280300-grey.jpg

When you want to tour around town, cycle to work or explore the urban jungle, you need a bike that is fast, fun and versatile.

2019 Cube Attain SL Mens Road Bike - Black/Grey http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-sl-mens-road-bike-2019-276400-black-grey.jpg

The ideal choice for race rides and long training days in the saddle.

2019 Cube Attain Mens Road Bike - Black/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-mens-road-bike-2019-276100-black-red.jpg

Ride with comfort, easy handling and lively performance when the open road calls.

2019 Cube Axial WS C:62 SL Disc Womens Road Bike - Team http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-axial-ws-c62-sl-disc-womens-road-bike-2019-229600-team.jpg

Ignite your passion for racing with the Axial C:62 SL.

2019 Cube Cross Race Mens Road Bike- Black/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-cross-race-mens-road-bike-2019-288100-black-red.jpg

Once you've experienced the fast-paced racing, technical challenges and mixture of riding and running, you'll see the allure true of Cyclocross.

2019 Cube Attain GTC Race Mens Road Bike - Carbon/White http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-attain-gtc-race-mens-road-bike-2019-277200-carbon-white.jpg

The Attain GTC Race is the perfect choice for endurance racing with it's bold combination of comfort and speed.

2018 Cube Litening C:62 Race Disc Road Bike Teamline http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-litening-c62-race-disc-road-bike-2018-teamline-179200.png

If you're looking for a racer designed for speed, agility and performance with the added bonus of comfort, the Litening C:62 Race is for you.

2017 Cube Litening C:68 SL Team Mens Road Bike - Blue http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-litening-c68-sl-road-bike-2017-blue-879400-light.jpg

If you want to be the best, there's no room for compromise.

2018 Cube Nature Exc Trapeze Touring Bike - Iridium/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-nature-exc-trapeze-touring-bike-2018-iridium-red.jpg

Take your adventures off the beaten path with the light, comfortable and versatile Nature Exc.

2018 Cube Nuroad Pro Road Bike - Black/Grey http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-nuroad-2018-pro-road-bike-black-grey-180100-001.png

Don't let a change in terrain affect your performance, with the Nuroad Pro.

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