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Mountain Bikes

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Finance Deposit : Specialized Tarmac Expert Disc http://www.certini.co.uk//images/certinilogo.png


Saltash Link: Levo HT Medium + Turbo Display http://www.certini.co.uk//images/certinilogo500px.jpg


2020 Giant XTC Advanced 29er 1 Mens Mountain Bike - Gloss Charcoal http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-xtc-advanced-29er-1-mens-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-charcoal.jpg

All out XC.

2020 Cannondale Trail Tango 6 Womens Mountain Bike - Graphite http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cannondale-trail-tango-6-womens-mountain-bike-2020-c26600f-grey.png

A mountain bike designed to raise your game and ignite a passion for the trail.

Finance Deposit : Ex Demo Specialized Tarmac Expert http://www.certini.co.uk//images/logo2-2.jpg


Ex-Demo: Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 27.5 Womens MTN Bike Small http://www.certini.co.uk//images/specialized-stumpjumper-comp-alloy-27-5-womens-mountain-bike-2019-small-acid-lava.jpg

Ex-Demo Bike: Small

Please contact 01752 849315 for details/images

2019 Specialized Demo Race 29 Mens Downhill Mountain Bike - Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/specialized-demo-race-29-mens-downhill-mountain-bike-2019-gloss-metallic-black-burnt-yellow-94519-00-dh.jpg

Whether you're aiming to climb the podium or beat the best at the park, downhill is all about speed.

2020 Stumpjumper Evo 29 MTB Frameset Limited Edition Troy Lee Designs http://www.certini.co.uk//images/stumpjumper-evo-29-mtb-frameset-2020-limited-edition-troy-lee-designs-73320-21-carbon-red-gold.jpg

A bold collaboration between two strong brands to create a masterpiece for the trails.

2019 S-Works Stumpjumper 27.5 Mountain Bike - Medium Shop Soiled http://www.certini.co.uk//images/sworks-stumpjumper-27-5-mountain-bike-2019-medium-shop-soiled.jpg

Shop Soiled Bike: Medium

Please contact 01752 849315 for details/images

Specialized Enduro Pro 650B Mountain Bike Frame - Large http://www.certini.co.uk//images/specialized-enduro-pro-650b-mountain-bike-frame-2018-large.jpg

The Enduro Pro Carbon is a mountain bike built for speed, precision handling and full capability on the trails.

2020 Giant Reign 29er 2 Mens Mountain Bike - Gloss High Polish/Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-reign-29er-2-mens-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-high-polish-black.jpg

This fierce full-suspension 29er helps you tame the wildest enduro terrain with smooth suspension and confident handling.

2020 Giant Reign 29er SX Mens Mountain Bike - Gloss Red/Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-reign-29er-sx-mens-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-red-black.jpg

Choose your line and let 'er rip.

2020 Giant Reign 2 Mens Mountain Bike - Gloss Teal Grey/Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-reign-2-mens-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-teal-grey-black.jpg

Bring the Reign.

2020 Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er 0 Mens Mountain Bike - Gloss Rainbow http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-xtc-advanced-sl-29er-0-mens-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-rainbow-black.jpg

All out XC.

2020 Giant Anthem 29er 1 Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Gloss Blue http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-anthem-29er-1-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-metallic-blue-orange.jpg

Pure XC speed.

2020 Giant Fathom 1 Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Matte Gunmetal Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-fathom-1-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-matte-gunmetal-black-olive-green.jpg

Your gateway to singletrack.

2020 Giant Stance 1 Mens Full Suspension Mountain Bike - Gloss Grey http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-stance-1-mens-full-suspension-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-grey-black.jpg

Hold your Stance and tame the trail.

2019 Specialized Demo Expert 29 Mens Mountain Bike - Gloss Storm Grey http://www.certini.co.uk//images/specialized-demo-expert-29-mens-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-storm-grey-94519-30-rocket-red.jpg

The Demo Expert 29 is a two-wheeled, dirt-eating Mario Andretti that just wants to go fast.

Ex-Demo: 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper ST Alloy Womens MTN Bike Medium http://www.certini.co.uk//images/specialized-stumpjumper-st-alloy-27-5-womens-mountain-bike-2018-storm-grey-medium.jpg

Ex-Demo Bike: Medium

Please contact 01752 849315 for details/images

2020 Giant Fathom 29er 1 Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Gloss Navy http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-fathom-29er-1-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2019-gloss-metallic-navy-silver.jpg

High roller.

2020 Giant Anthem 29er 2 Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-anthem-29er-2-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-black.jpg

Pure XC speed.

2020 Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC SLT 625 Electric Mountain Bike http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-hybrid-140-hpc-slt-625-electric-mountain-bike-2020-carbon-silver-336302-full-suspension-emtb.png

The ultimate all-mountain Bosch e-bike with SRAM X01 wireless AXS Eagle and RockShox Ultimate suspension.

2020 Cube Reaction TM Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Green/Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-reaction-tm-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-green-black-315100-mtb.png

A trail hardtail with attitude.

2020 Cube Reaction C:62 SL Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Grey Blue http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-reaction-c62-sl-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-grey-blue-green-316400-mtb.png

The Reaction C:62 SL features a race-leading combination of Shimano XT with a Fox Float 32 fork.

2020 Cube Stereo 140 HPC Race 27.5 Mens Mountain Bike - Blue Grey/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-140-hpc-race-27-5-mens-mountain-bike-2020-blue-grey-red-354100-full-suspension.png

The future of all-mountain riding is here.

2020 Cube Stereo 170 Race 29 Mens Mountain Bike - Green/Sharp Green http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-170-race-29-mens-mountain-bike-2020-green-sharp-green-356100-full-suspension.png

With big Fox travel plus 29er wheels and SRAM Eagle, it's time to party.

2020 Giant Fathom 2 Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Matte Desert Sand http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-fathom-2-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-matte-desert-sand-black.jpg

Your gateway to singletrack.

2020 Giant Fathom 29er 2 Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Gloss Pure Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/giant-fathom-29er-2-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-gloss-pure-red.jpg

Crank up steep climbs with smooth-rolling efficiency and swoop down singletrack descents with stability and speed.

2020 Cube Reaction C62 Race Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Grey/Orange http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-reaction-c62-race-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-grey-orange-316300-mtb-commuter.png

Push your limits and race to win with the power of SRAM and RockShox Reba.

2020 Cube Reaction C:62 SLT Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Carbon http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-reaction-c62-slt-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-carbon-silver-316500-mtb.png

Race-winning performance.

2020 Cube Access WS C62 SL Team Womens Hardtail Mountain Bike http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-access-ws-c62-sl-team-womens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-326300-mtb.png

Hit the trails with the performance of a 1x12 Eagle transmission and RockShox SID fork on a premium carbon chassis.

2020 Cube Access WS C62 Pro Womens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Blue http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-access-ws-c62-pro-womens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-light-blue-lime-326200-mtb.png

Carbon performance meets Shimano versatility for trail taming prowess.

2020 Cube Stereo 140 HPC SL 27.5 Mens Mountain Bike - Carbon/Grey http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-140-hpc-sl-275-mens-mountain-bike-2020-carbon-grey-354200-trail-fsr.png

All mountain, redefined with the added performance of Shimano XT, a carbon main frame and RockShox suspension.

2020 Cube Stereo 140 HPC TM 27.5 Mens Mountain Bike - Grey/Orange http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-140-hpc-tm-27-5-mens-mountain-bike-2020-grey-orange-354300-full-suspension.png

More travel, more tech and more mountain taming with SRAM Eagle and Fox Factory suspension.

2020 Cube Stereo 150 C62 SL 29 Mens Mountain Bike - Action Team http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-150-c62-sl-29-mens-mountain-bike-2020-action-team-355200-grey-white-blue.png

Enduro perfection with the performance of Full Fox Factory shocks, 29er wheels and a carbon frame.

2020 Cube Stereo 150 C68 TM 29 Mens Mountain Bike - Grey/Orange http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-150-c68-tm-29-mens-mountain-bike-2020-grey-orange-355300-full-suspension.png

Experience the ultimate trail-taming performance with the bold combination of SRAM Eagle and Fox Factory suspension.

2020 Cube Stereo 150 C:68 SLT 29 Mens Mountain Bike - Carbon/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-150-c68-slt-29-mens-mountain-bike-2020-carbon-red-355400-full-suspension.png

Go anywhere, ride anything enduro race machine combining RockShox suspension technology with SRAM 12-Speed and Cube carbon enduro know-how.

2020 Cube AMS 100 C:68 TM Mens Mountain Bike - Grey/Orange http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-ams-100-c68-tm-mens-mountain-bike-2020-grey-orange-352200-full-suspension.png

Race to win and ride to live with this performance XC racer.

2020 Cube Reaction Pro Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Blue/Red http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-reaction-pro-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-blue-red-312110-mtb.png

Hardtail versatility with the power of a RockShox air fork to give you the agility and comfort on your daily commute or hitting singletrack.

2020 Cube Reaction Race Mens Hardtail Mountain Bike - Green/Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-reaction-race-mens-hardtail-mountain-bike-2020-green-black-313110-mtb.png

Fast fun from a bike that combines SRAM 12-Speed with RockShox air suspension and dropper post compatibility.

2020 Cube Stereo 120 Pro 29 Mens Mountain Bike - Black/Blue http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-120-pro-29-mens-mountain-bike-2020-black-blue-353100-fsr.png

Hit the trail with the power of a SRAM Eagle 1x12 and comfort of air suspension control.

2020 Cube Stereo 120 HPC TM 29 Mens Mountain Bike - Grey/Orange http://www.certini.co.uk//images/cube-stereo-120-hpc-tm-29-mens-mountain-bike-2020-grey-orange-353300-fsr-trail.png

Take control of the trail with the power of SRAM Eagle and dynamics of Fox 34 Rhythm.

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