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Continental Terra Trail Black Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-terra-trail-700-x-40c-black-folding-tyre-tyc01715-black.jpg

Explore off-road with more comfort and enjoy new adventures with the Continental Terra Trail Tyre.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 GP5000 700x25C BlackChili Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-5000-gp5000-700x25c-blackchili-folding-tyre-tyc01620-black.jpg

The new era in cycling.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 GP5000 700x28c Foldable Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-5000-700x28c-blackchili-folding-tyre-tyc01620-black.jpg

The new era in cycling.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 GP5000 700x32C BlackChili Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-5000-700x32c-blackchili-folding-tyre-tyc01620-black.jpg

The new era in cycling.

Continental Grand Sport Extra Folding Tyre - Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/mad/tyc50001.jpg

Offering pure puncture protection.

Continental Grand Sport Race Folding Tyre - Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/grandsportrace.jpg

Durable, super grippy, the Grand Sport folding tyre was designed for competitive riders.

Continental Traffic 24/26 Black Reflex Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/mad/tyc002060.jpg

For everyday MTB use in urban and country areas.

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season DuraSkin Vectran 700c Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/4season.jpg

The Grand Prix 4 Season redefines the perfect all-weather performance tyre.

Continental Podium TT 28 Black Chili Tubular Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/mad/tyc961810.jpg

Entire tours are decided in the fight against the clock which is why you need particularly fast tyres.

Continental X King RaceSport Black Chili Folding MTB Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/mad/tyc005330.jpg

The "Cross King" fills the gap between the Race King and Mountain King II perfectly in terms of application.

Continental Sport Contact Black Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-sport-contact-26c-black-tyre-tyc212090-black.jpg

The Tyre of choice for couriers and high speed commuters.

Continental Grand Prix 4000S II Vectran 28x22 Black Chili Tubular Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-4000s-ii-vectran-28-x-22mm-black-chili-tubular-tyre-tyc961390-black.jpg

High performance road race tubular tyre for all conditions and all road surfaces.

Continental Gator Hardshell 700c DuraSkin Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-gator-hardshell-700c-duraskin-tyre-tyc003110-black.jpg

When you need the most protective, fast rolling tyre.

Continental GatorSkin 700c DuraSkin Black Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-gatorskin-700c-duraskin-black-tyre-tyc185380-black.jpg

Enjoy longer rides with the durability of the GatorSkin DuraSkin Tyre.

Continental Touring Plus Reflex 700c Black Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-touring-plus-reflex-700c-black-tyre-tyc001060-black.jpg

An excellent choice of tyre for your daily commute and weekend touring.

Continental Giro 28x22mm Black/Transparent Skin Tubular Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-giro-28-x-22mm-black-transparent-skin-tubular-tyre-tyc960170-black.jpg

Go for gold and aim for that podium finish with the fast rolling Giro Tyre.

Continental CrossRide Reflex 700 x 42c Black Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-crossride-reflex-700-x-42c-black-tyre-tyc007190-black.jpg

A celebrated fast all-rounder in mtb circles.

Continental Grand Prix Folding Tyre - Black Chili http://www.certini.co.uk//images/grandprix.jpg

A tyre known for its success.

Continental GatorSkin Duraskin Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/conti-gatorskin-cut.jpg

A durable carbon black mixture, a well regarded puncture protection system and the Duraskin anti-cut fabric tuen the Gatroskin, formely known as the Ultra Gatorskin into a real long distance runner

Continental Gator Hardshell Duraskin Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/conti-gator-hardshell-cut.jpg

For riders who simply demand the most protective, fast rolling tyre around Building on the supremely successful Ultra GatorSkin, the GatorHardshell gets added extras in every department

Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Black Chili Folding Tyre in Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/tyc00935.jpg

The Grand Prix 4000 S II is the reference tyre in the road bike market and has gone through numerous stages of evolution. Our flagship tyre now gets a facelift

Continental Grand Prix GT 700 x 25c Black Chili Folding Tyre - Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-gt-700-x-25c-black-chili-folding-tyre-tyc004640-black.jpg

Featuring the reliability of Gatorskins and the performance of a GP4000S BlackChili compound.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 GP5000 700x28C Tubeless Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-5000-700-x-28c-tubeless-blackchili-folding-tyre-oe-tyc01627-black.jpg

The new era in cycling, now with increased puncture protection.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 GP5000 700x25C Tubeless Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-5000-gp5000-700x25c-tubeless-blackchili-folding-tyre-tyc01627-black.jpg

The new era in cycling, now with tubeless increased puncture protection.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 700c Foldable Clincher Tyres - Black http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-5000-700c-foldable-clincher-tyres-2019-gp5000-black.jpg

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, one of the most popular tyres of all time has just been improved.

Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II 700x25c Reflective Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-grand-prix-4000-s-ii-700-x-25c-reflective-folding-tyre-tyc00935-black-chilli.jpg

The Grand Prix 4000 S II Black Chili is the reference tyre in the road bike market and has gone through numerous stages of evolution.

Continental Gatorskin Black 700c Folding Tyre http://www.certini.co.uk//images/continental-gatorskin-black-folding-700c-tyre.jpg

Puncture resistant everyday tyre.

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